Design Executive, Human Centered Design, Brand Storytelling, Strategic UX, Content Production, And Entrepreneur

With over 13 years of media, broadcasting, agency and production experience, Sharon has a history of designing strategic 360 integrated programs as well as directing and building creative teams. She has made a career of delivering custom-tailored concepts, design tools and applications through integrated programs in digital, video, podcasts and print. These 360 integrated programs include mobile, social, marketing, experiential, native and branded content. 

Sharon draws on her experience crafting innovative new media narratives balanced with emerging technologies to play a pivotal role in the design, development, and execution of integrated programs. She develops resonant, creative approaches to storytelling for the world’s most iconic brands. These creative solutions help brands connect with their consumers through compelling storytelling, integrating their signature creative and utilizing strategies to reach their target audiences. She also oversees and leads the production of campaigns once sold through.

Sharon builds and leads creative teams comprising of designers, content strategists, producers, project managers, and marketers committed to the flawless execution of compelling, insight-driven, high-touch creative solutions. Through the implementation of processes and high-standards of design, UX, ideating, and production, she saw continual and tangible success in repeat business and increased revenue year-over-year.

Sharon also does special projects on the side. If you have something up your sleeve, I’d love to hear more about it. Feel free to reach out here or via email.


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